Training our sled dogs, how do we do it?

Good morning every person. I’m Jos. It’s about 7 o’clock each morning and 1.8C outside It’s an ideal heat to teach the dogs It’s going to be a somewhat different movie than usual. This really is all going to be unedited I’m simply going to bring you along as is, for everyone to see just what it’s like training the dogs therefore come with us fine. It will be enjoyable and so the very first thing each morning should say good morning to the dogs Hey Maude making sure that is Maude. She was not going to run today however it was not going to stop her from being actually actually excited if you have met us before then chances are you understand who we are in case you haven’t, which Craig over there And over there we’ve Peter we are gonna start training 14 dogs today, in front of the quad therefore before we are able to start training dogs, we need to get the dogs first clearly So me personally and Peter are going to get the dogs through the kennels 1 by 1 and so the dogs understand precisely it’s going to take place today so they really get actually excited trust in me, this will be normal Some dogs are harder than others Pirate! Hi! *Lots of dog noises* Alright so we are nearly finished with putting the dogs on stake-out line Now we are going to focus putting the harnesses on dogs I am already breathless Hi Denver! Hi! Beautiful Hi! Hi! Yep.

Yeah, the tire *Lots of dog noises* Alright. Come on Dex *Dog noises intensify* prepared?! Okay, lets get! Good males! Therefore for these dogs, it is the very first journey this year so we just do about kilometer right now which is a great time for us to use different combinations of dogs See which dog is great as a lead dog. Which dog is not And while we are on quad, we additionally keep a tremendously close eye on dogs to see how they’re running If most people are doing fine For example, you can try the tug line, the bright green one.

If it’s right they’re pulling. If is not right they’re perhaps not pulling and may be a sign of a problem or maybe they’re getting tired Snoopie! Snoop! Specifically for the first couple of runs we make an effort to keep the speed relative low We don’t desire our dogs to perform fast, we would like the dogs to pull once you never get too fast, it really is easier for the dogs to keep opting for a lengthier distance Peter desires his beauty shot Show me personally your stunning face – No, that has been it. That has been it – That has been it? Okay – Beauty doesn’t last forever Get ready Okay let us get! Therefore now we are entering the tiny town called Poikkijärvi There isn’t any other way than to use the road right here for a little bit So we need to make certain there is absolutely no unexpected traffic coming our way – On-by! On-by! On-by! On-by, dudes! – Okay, haw! Therefore today, we are in Poikkijärvji. We’re on main road it is not really busy. But due to the razor-sharp corner we only have to be right here make certain there is no vehicles available the corner Peters available back there we will return through to the roads in a few seconds I’m going to make certain there is no automobile coming from this direction then we will head back to the kennel Here they’ve been coming Good task, dudes! Good dogs! Hi dudes! How’re ya Dex? Slightly tired? Hi Pixel Hey It feels as though it’s getting hot pretty quickly now – Yeah.

It was not that cool as soon as we started – Yeah wel, it absolutely was around Well, one point one thing each morning and also by enough time we left my house it absolutely was four or five levels Like an hour later on – Oh Denver, you’re ready! You’re ready! * Seal noises * * Dex’s seal noises * and now we’re back Hi. Here is your water hi you get Good boy, good boy You’re a starving bunch, are not ya? Then you’re still eating Hey Spook seriously Denver Go! Hi Spook! Hi Hey Bee! seriously Bee! * Loud dog noises * That’s, uh, how they say welcome back once again to one another That goes… There Okay, and that is it. Calm has returned to the kennel as well as, his name is Kalm Typically, we take 15 to 20 mins then we start to feed the dogs By the time we are finished with every thing it’s usually near 12 o’clock Hi Sup Bunny? And that was just 14 dogs actually we’ve much more dogs to teach around right here but that’s for the next time based on exactly how well this movie does i assume